Friday, 13 December 2013

Farewell First Fifteen

Today marks some important farewells for the First Fifteen.

 Firstly our Year 7s created a special farewell for our Year 8s that will be moving on to college for next year.


Good luck at college Year 8s we will miss you.

Stephanie is moving to Singapore at the end of the year to take a job at an International School so the Year 7s will have a new teacher in 2014.

 Earlier this week Room 15 moved into Room 2 where the Year 7s will be based next year.

This post marks the end of the First Fifteen's blogging journey. We've had a blast collaborating with classes from different cities and countries.

Thank you to everyone who has read our posts, watched our videos and made a comment over the last two years.

Ka kite ano

Stephanie and the First Fifteen

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  1. Year 7s, that is awesome! I loved it. I bet I have that song stuck in my head for at least a week. Very cool.

    And to all the Year 8s.....all the very best! High School is an exciting time. Good luck to you all.

    8C really enjoyed collaborating with you. We finished on Wednesday and the last few days of term were frantic so we didn't connect with you like we hoped to but we did name quadblogging with you as a definite highlight of 2013.

    All the best to the (former) Room 15!

    Mrs C-M, 8C, Selwyn House


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