Thursday, 5 April 2012

To an awesome first term...

Hey team what an amazing first term. As this slideshow, shows we had an amazing term.

Untitled from Janine Tito on Vimeo.

How did your go in achieving your goal?

What have been some highlights of the term?

What are some things you need to work on for next term?



  1. hi stephanie

    Sarah and Courtney had the same goal and didnt achive it.Nikita completed her goal in the first two weeks.Jade didnt complete it at all.

    Some highlights of the term is we won our first K.O game.

    Sarah and Courtney needs to work on shuting up and getting my work done.Nikita needs to work on passing stage 4 in basic facts. Jade needs to work on wearing her glasses when she is meant to.

    from table 2 (not brittany)

    1. Hi Table 2
      I think you had a good term. What were some of your highlights? I wonder how we could help Jade remember to wear her glasses and avoid chattering?


  2. How did your go in achieving your goal?
    I achived my goal which was to be on the matt at 8.40

    What have been some highlights of the term?

    my highlights of the term was dodgeball and our winn in K.O.

    What are some things you need to work on for next term?

    Getting my mentelcomp merit

  3. Hi Stephanie,

    Nate: Me getting a merit this term was my goal, and I failed!!!
    Hayley: To listen to the teacher more was my goal, and I achieved it.
    Lele: My goal was to sort out my desk, and I really failed.

    Nate: Going on the Ngati Toa domain trip, and playing dodgeball.
    Hayley: Meeting new people and playing nucombe
    Lele: Dodgeball, Nucmbeball, and learning the proper way to use chopstiks.

    Nate: I need to work on getting a merit.
    Hayley: I need to work on getting up to stage 3 on basic facts.
    Lele: I need to work o getting my mental comp merit.

    yours sincerly

    From group 1

  4. Hi Stephanie

    i think the highlight of our tearm mana trip,the KO games and the awesome assembly.

    We went ok with our goals nicks goal was to be a idervidual and elizabeth's goal was to do more maths and art at home and Sally-ann's goal was to do my homework and to give it in on time and we all achived our goals.

    next term we should work on our listning and being quiet skills.

    Sally-ann,Elizabeth and Nick

  5. Hi Room 15 ,
    Our progress in achieving our goal is pretty good I'm nicer to people Ram & Josh studies better. Nick takes responsibilities and Michael stopped talking too much with Nick.

    From Group 3

  6. Hi room 15,

    We achieved our goal easily, which was how to use chopsticks, and we all achieved it.

    Our highlights this term was not losing the first round at K.O.

    We need to work on doing the warm up properly and finishing our work on time before friday.

    Group 5

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