Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Milk Bottles Advertisment

Room 15 is in a bind. We are trying to make an igloo out of milk bottles but we have run out of milk bottles. We ran an advertisement at assembly asking the school for help. Cheers to Lachlan, Nick, Jonno and Elizabeth for the advertisement. I hope we get some more milk bottles into school!

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A scrapbook arrives from #globalclassroom

We finally got around to opening our mail from yesterday and were surprised to see the global scrapbook had arrived. The scrapbook has been on a bit of journey visiting Romania, Israel, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia before arriving in Room 15. 

At the moment Room 15 is learning more about the countries in the scrapbook before deciding how we will represent our class, school, neighbourhood, city and country before the scrapbook makes its next stop in... Indonesia!

Exciting stuff!  


Monday, 29 October 2012

Mail in Room 15!

This afternoon our class received a package from Western Australia. Our class was very excited to find out what was inside but unfortunately the bell went before we had a chance to open in it.

I wonder what is inside.


Similes and Metaphors

WALT: Use figurative language in our writing.

 This week on our work on writing we will be writing a recount of camp using similes and metaphors. Similes and metaphors are great ways to help add detail to your descriptions and make your writing more interesting to the reader.

 A simile is a direct comparison of one thing to another. You can spot similes easily because they have "like" or "as" or sometimes "if" or "than" in the sentence. E.g Usain Bolt runs faster than a car.

 A metaphor is a bit trickier. Metaphor is when you use two nouns and compare or contrast them to one another. e.g Time is money. Popular music uses a lot of similes and metaphors in the lyrics.

Can you spot any in Katy Perry's song firework?


Hi First Fifteen

Wasn't camp an amazing experience? Boisterous,  exhilarating and treacherous would be my 3 words to describe camp.  Here's some photos of our amazing time at camp.

My highlight would have to be Stephen losing his voice. It was fun to make him repeat everything over and over again.

 My lowlight was when I fell out of the raft. Brrrr! Was that water cold!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Room 15 is away at camp this week.

In the meantime please enjoy our video on exploring probability.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Conquering Fear

PB060193Like the rest of the class, I'm really excited to be going to camp next week.

One of the big 'lessons' of camp is conquering fear.

A little bit of fear is good. It helps teach us empathy (being aware of others feelings) and also protects us from danger.

But sometimes fear can stop us from enjoying life.

One of my great fears is snakes.

When I was in Malaysia, I decided to conquer my fear of snakes by visiting the snake temple in Penang. One of the staff offered chance to hold not one but two snakes. I felt really nervous but closed my eyes and breathed deeply.

The owner of the snakes told me to imagine the snakes are like really expensive handbags.

Have you ever a conquered a fear? What did you do to help push through your fear?

How can we support other students when they are facing situations they are afraid of at camp?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Term 4 week 1 work on writing

This week's work on writing.
Is something you'll be liking.
Try a limerick
And be very quick
So hop to it and don't be biting!

Welcome back to school for term four. This term we are studying poetry so to get things started let's start with limericks. A limerick is a witty and nonsensical type of poetry from Ireland. You can see from my example that the first, second and fifth lines of the stanza rhyme. So too do the third and fourth lines.

Limericks also have a special rhythm to them which we will discuss in class.