Friday, 19 October 2012

Conquering Fear

PB060193Like the rest of the class, I'm really excited to be going to camp next week.

One of the big 'lessons' of camp is conquering fear.

A little bit of fear is good. It helps teach us empathy (being aware of others feelings) and also protects us from danger.

But sometimes fear can stop us from enjoying life.

One of my great fears is snakes.

When I was in Malaysia, I decided to conquer my fear of snakes by visiting the snake temple in Penang. One of the staff offered chance to hold not one but two snakes. I felt really nervous but closed my eyes and breathed deeply.

The owner of the snakes told me to imagine the snakes are like really expensive handbags.

Have you ever a conquered a fear? What did you do to help push through your fear?

How can we support other students when they are facing situations they are afraid of at camp?


  1. Hi Stephanie

    Giorgi was scared by a bump on a bike and she didn't want to go over it.but then her brother pushed over it and she wasnt scared. we need to be nice to our camp mates if they are scared
    from lackey,giorgi and jade

  2. Hi Stephanie
    Yes, I hated spiders until I picked up one that I tip was fake. Don't pressure them just help them through it. From brad , sarah, courtney

  3. Elizabeth, Hayley and Nikki

    Elizabeth and Hayley we held a spider.
    Help them and show them it is not bad.

    Nikki I am afraid of heights and I went on a ferriss wheel.
    Help them with it.

  4. Hiya Stephanie
    When I was scared of getting injured or killed by a hockey ball i thought through it by thinking i would get a custom 1000 dollar hockey stick

  5. Hey Stephanie,

    Sammiiee: The fear I've conquered is probably going into a fast flowing river when I was five. It was a awesome experience.

    You can help people by encouraging them instead of pressuring.

    Helen: A fear I've overcome is the giant monkey bridge at Adrenilin Forest.

    Fraser: headering a football.

    Sam, Helen, Fraser.

  6. Lele, Michelle, Ram19 October 2012 at 14:01

    Hi Stephanie,
    Lele: yes paintball, I took afew breaths and shot randomly!
    Michelle: well i might but i can't remember.
    Ram: yes hights, I asked my friend to push me off a diving board, he did straight away.

    Be nice to our felow camp mates.

  7. Hi Stephanie

    YES I Hate it when people tell me scary stories tht are ture its just freaky.I also hate rats,mouses and mices there just ewwwwww.

    From Teah Aspinall

  8. Nikita, Brittany and Josh19 October 2012 at 14:05

    Hi Stephanie

    Nikita was scared of swiming in the ocean but one day she went on a school camp and all her friends took her in step by step till her friends had taken her so far that the water was at her neck so now she isn't so scared of the ocean anymore.

    Give them confidence, cheer them on, don't pressure them,try first before them and help them through it.

    From Nikita,Brittany and Josh

  9. hi miss,

    I have conquered my fear witch is taranchlers by letting it walk over my hand ay drusillers park zoo england.sallyann.

    I have also conquered my fear of heights by walking around on a 2 story high platforms without the barriers. Stephen.

    I am afraid of sharks but I don't know how to conquer it.


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