Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A scrapbook arrives from #globalclassroom

We finally got around to opening our mail from yesterday and were surprised to see the global scrapbook had arrived. The scrapbook has been on a bit of journey visiting Romania, Israel, the United Kingdom, South Africa and Australia before arriving in Room 15. 

At the moment Room 15 is learning more about the countries in the scrapbook before deciding how we will represent our class, school, neighbourhood, city and country before the scrapbook makes its next stop in... Indonesia!

Exciting stuff!  


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  1. Dear Room 15 students,

    I am Cristina Milos and my 3rd grade students participated in the project last school year - they were the Romanian kids. :)
    We were the first to begin the project so you have the advantage of seeing what others have done!
    I hope you will enjoy contributing as we did!

    Happy scrap booking!


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