Monday, 21 May 2012

Sharing the Love Part 1

Hearts and CandyI''m really impressed with the quality of people's posts on their individual blogs. Some students have already received comments from their friends, family members, and even from student teachers in Canada!

Commenting is a really great way to gain readership for your blog and also contribute to other students learning. I really enjoy it when people leave comments on both our class blog and also the student blogs.

So this week your mission is simple. Go and share the love by leaving quality comments on other class and student blogs.

I will leave a list of suggested blogs for you to comment on but feel free to find other class and student blogs to leave comments. Remember that you are representing yourself, Room 15, TIS and even New Zealand when you make comments so they need to be quality comments.

You need to make at least 3 quality comments on 3 different blogs in 3 different cities by the end of the week. You also need to fill in the google form to show where you have left your comments. There may be some prizes involved for the best quality comment, the most quality comments left by an individual student and also the student who comments on a class blog the furtherest distance away from Room 15!

Today I thought we would start in our school with Room 13 and Room 2.

Room 13 students have been starts about commenting on our blogs so it is time to repay the love. You can find Room 13's individual student blogs by scrolling down Nga Hau Mahana.

I also think Room 2's twist ending poetry was pretty fabulous too.

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