Friday, 15 February 2013

Your something awesome...

Last week the Kid president challenged us to think about how we could make the world more awesome.

What do you think?
What could you do to make the world more awesome?


  1. I like the video because people was helping other people.
    I will do is put flowers everyone down step.

    From Usha

  2. Hey Miss Thompson and Room 15,

    I just decided to take a look at this year's blog. It looks Awesome with a capital 'A'. I'm so euphoric that it's up. Year 8's, here's a challenge if you choose to accept it: find 5 more words that mean the same as euphoric. I had to look it up. Yes, Helen, I can hear you sniggering away, but I did.
    I see that you guys have done visual mihi's. The few that I've scrolled through look kuru (that's Japanese for cool).
    College is great but I have a tip that will out rule all others... well, almost all others: Year 8's, Miss has probably already told you this but I'm going to say it anyway. Do good, hard work this year then next year won't be as bad as it could be if you just let everything go in one ear and out the other.
    Has anybody else seen the Hobbit? Apart from Jono?

    Former Room 15 Student,
    Butler (Sammiiee)

    1. Hi Butler
      You know your smiling presence is missed in Room 15 and you are welcome to drop by at any time. I think you make a great point about putting a bit in each day. :I'd say learning is more a marathon than a sprint, you need to build up stamina. What do you think?

      We are in need of a new blog header and I think the class might have a design competition. Would you like to be the judge?


  3. hi butler,

    i have found your five words that mean the same as euphoric.they are impressed with, blithe, charmed exhilarated, sanguineous. i hope i got these right!

    sallyann /eve/

  4. Dear Stephanie

    I think this video is about
    coka cola and making other
    people happy
    From Zane


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