Thursday, 1 March 2012

Creep Year our @feb29thdotnet blogging project

In a case of better late than never Helen, Lele and Sammiee present Room 15's blogging into leap year project, Creep Year, a movie trailer for their leap year movie.

What do you think of the team's year. How do you think they've captured the day being leap year? For the girls involved what were some challenges of making a trailer? What would you do differently next time?


  1. Hi everyone,

    This was an awesome project for us to do, especially since our ideas had to center around the 29th of February. Sorry if the effects aren't too good, we were learning how to use movie-maker.
    This was a great project and was fun to make. It took time but turned out as a brilliant trailer, well, short movie .... thing.
    A great thing to do if you're bored and feeling creative.

    From Sammiiee (The dead-girl)

    1. Hello Sammiiee (aka known as the dead girl)
      I'm glad to hear you had fun making your first movie trailer. We all need to start somewhere and I'm sure you will apply some of the things you had trouble with last time to the next movie you make.



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