Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wow! What an assembly!

Hey Room 15
Just a quick note to say thanks so much for pulling together such an awesome assembly.

I know that at some point every student in our class made a contribution to assembly and I want to thank each of you for your dedication, energy and creativity in making the event a huge success.

My favourite part of assembly was the Te Tawa News segment. Perhaps we need to produce a regular news show about things going on around TIS and not just Pouakai and Room 15. What was your favourite part of assembly and do you think we need to start planning a regular news show?

I also think our Kindness Boomerang video was a big hit. We took our inspiration from a video that I found from another teacher on twitter. Which the school norms do you think this video represents and why? Do you think we should make another video at some point?

My WINs for assembly was ensuring every student made a contribution to assembly at some point. My First Attempt In Learning was forgetting to have the lyrics to the national anthem ready for everyone at assembly to read. Next time I am responsible for assembly, I need to make a check list of files I need before the event so I don't forget something important.

How was participating in this project for you? What did you do to help make our assembly a success?

What were some things you liked about our Pouakai Assembly?

What were some of our F.A.I.L.s? Make sure you give a solution to any F.A.I.Ls.

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  1. Kia ora Room 15 and Stephanie,
    Holy Guakamole! What a fantastic assembly today. I am so proud to be in Pouakai, you did a really good job of entertaining us all and raised the bar for future assemblies (Thank you).
    My favourite part of your assembly was your grand entrance - it really 'wowed the crowd' I would like to make special mention of your presenters - they represented both your class and our syndicate very well.
    You'll be pleased to know that Room 13 were buzzing when we got back into class and we shared all the wonderful things that we enjoyed about your assembly - believe me there were plenty of positives.
    I know you worked tremendously hard behind the scenes (brainstorming ideas, script writing, recording etc) and it most definitely paid off. Well done.
    I'm curious to know if there is anything you would do differently next time? Have you had that discussion as a class yet? Let us know because it looks like Room 13 will be taking up the reins for Pouakai's next assembly.
    You all made us PROUD!
    Ms T x

  2. Dear Rm 15
    i love your video! I'm going to show it to my class of 6 and 7 year-olds tomorrow and see if they can pick up on the theme. It's like the 'Pay it Forward' idea, but I like your name of the Kindness Boomerang.

    How frequently will your class get to organise and run assembly?

    Mrs McKenzie

  3. Love your video Room 15! Great theme and well presented. I too think it's a COOL name to have the Kindness Boomerang - perhaps you could think of a Kiwi equivalent...? What a wonderful opportunity to get to lead assembly. It will be cool to read your posts about it and the learning that happened.

  4. Great assembly today. Lots of variety and the boys looked stunning in their pink feather boas. Are you thinking of starting a new fashion trend?

  5. Awesome assembly Room 15!!!!
    Room 7 and I were really impressed and can't wait to see your next spectacular event... what will you come up with next????

  6. Hey Stephanie i only realised now thats a cool video

    From Nate


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