Monday, 2 September 2013

Morning routines...

Hi students
This week I walked around with my iPhone and grabbed some footage of our morning routine.

Routines are really important in our life they help keep us more organised. For instance I check my calendar on my phone every morning to see what meetings I have coming up and important school events. I also go to the gym every night after school to help keep me fit.

At school we have our morning routine where we make our Daily 5 choices, catch up on projects or do little chores.

A routine is a pattern of behaviours you do on a regularly. Like going to the park after swimming for a run around.

A habit is a behaviour you do so many times that you don't even think about it. A good habit is something that helps like looking both ways before crossing the street.

What are your routines and habits?

How do they help you to be organised?

Make a comment to share the most effective routines and habits in your life.


  1. Hi Miss

    My habit is sleeping even when I not tired.

    They don't help me be organised.

  2. Ki Ora Stephanie

    I (Jono) don't have any habits that's why I'm not organised.

    I (Nate)have a routine in the morning which is wake up,have a shower,eat breakfast,put on deodorant then I walk to school thag routine that helps this is my morning routine.

    Jono and Nate

  3. Hi my name is Reitu I go to Melville Intermediate and I'm going to ask you some questions about your classroom :)
    How many desks are there ?
    What do you mean by the middle wall ?
    How many chairs do you have ?
    Where is the teachers desk ?
    Do you have a computer bay?How big if yes?
    What do you use the middle wall for?
    Do you have an interactive whiteboard?
    What is the shape and sizes of your desks ?
    Thank you.
    Reitu,Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, New Zealand.

    1. Hi Reitu

      Q:1 13
      Q:2 the middle wall splits the classroom into two places
      Q:3 28
      Q:4 we do not have a teacher desk
      Q:5 no we do not
      Q:6 to split the classroom
      Q:7 no but we have a projector
      Q:8 ?

      Tom And Nate Room 15

  4. Hello our names are Kayla,Jackie and Chloe. We are building a model of your classroom for Mathematics. We have your instructions and measurements from the classroom but we have some additional questions that we would like you to answer so we can complete our maps.
    Q:1 Where is your teachers desk placed?
    Q:2 How many compters do you have in your class?
    Q:3 What direction is the white board in?
    Q:4 What kind of big thing do you have in your classroom?
    Q:5 How many cheers do you have in your classroom?
    Q:6 What colour is your classroom?

    We are going to build a model of your class with blocks, then in Minecraft.

    Kayla, Chloe and Jackie, Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.
    Thanks we hope to hear from you soon
    Melville Intermediate Room Five

    1. Hi Melville intermediate

      Q:1 We do not have a teacher desk
      Q:2 We do not have desktop computers
      Q:3 Left
      Q:4 ?
      Q:5 21
      Q:6 the left wall the bottom 1/5 is light blue the other top 4/5 is dark blue. the right wall bottom is 1/5 light blue 4/5 black.

      Tom and Nate Room 15

  5. Hi im Kane were building a model for your class on minecraft were just ganna ask you a few questions about how to build it
    1. What kind of big objects do you?
    2. How many benches do you have?
    3. What colour is your class room?
    4. How many chairs do you have?
    5. Do you have a book stand?
    6. Do you have a toilet in your class?
    7. Its your class made of wood or someting else?
    8. Do you have an trachers desk?
    9. What is the size of your class?
    10. Do you have any computers?

  6. Hi we are going to ask yous some question about your class room
    Q:1 Where are the desk placed ?
    Q:2 What kind of pattens are the desk in?
    Q:3 How many year 7 and 8 are there in the class room?
    Q:4 Do you do groups work and we do you meet?
    Q:5 Why dont you have a teachers deak?
    Q:6 What colour is you class room walls
    From Kayla, Jackie ,Chloe,Viliame,Nick and Jorzan

  7. Room Fifteen
    Thank you SO much for your answers about your classroom. We had an animated and excellent discussion this morning about your classroom layout - we were amazed that you didn't have a teachers desk in the classroom and that you had only thirteen desks but nearly thirty students. It really got us thinking about our learning space and how yours is so different even though the classrooms are nearly the same size. We have come up with some more questions about your classroom that we are going to be posting online today but thank you so much for the collaboration and the experience.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.


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