Friday, 13 September 2013

Stop motion Dolly

During our Genius Hour Jono and Nate were using my iPhone to do stop motion. I'm impressed that the boys put together a camera dolly with lego!

Why might using a dolly be a good idea when making a stop motion movie?



  1. If you add movement to a series of stop motion shots you get a dolly move or a crane move if you raise of lower the camera. essentially you are "shaking the rattle" for the viewer i.e. keeping them interested

  2. ps I love the dolly and will be promoting it as another item I can hire out LOL

  3. I can't hire it out but I could see some of our students using/borrowing the idea - we've just had some stop animation done in class and some of the students were complaining about the cameras and having to hold them.
    Mr Webb, Mr Willis and students, Melville Intermediate School,


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