Monday, 14 October 2013

Welcome Back Room 15

Hi Room 15 Hope you enjoyed the break after all the energy of production. You all did such a fantastic job during it was fabulous to see you all on stage. I think the colour and cool dance moves made the milkbar scene the best (But then I'm a bit biased?). Which was your favourite scene in production? How was your holiday? I had a very quiet holiday but had my first cronut.


  1. Yo Stephanie
    My favourite scene in the production is the 1990's mission impossible part.
    My Holiday was good but it hasn't finished yet because I am going to Australia next

  2. Hey Stephanie, My favourite scene in the production was the 1990's because it was really cool. My holiday was good in the first week because my mum wasn't working
    then in the second week my mum was at work so I was really board.


  3. Hi Stephanie
    Grace: My favourite scene in production was the milk bar scene because I got to go on stage. My holiday was great I played outside helped my dad with some stuff and played on the play station and computer.
    Eseta : My holiday was so great I went with my family to the swimming pool and the rest of the week I stayed at home.

  4. Hi Stephanie
    We think the best part in the production was the milk bar scene. In the holidays Usha went for a walk to the beach and liked her holidays. Giorgi hanged out with friends and went to mall a lot.
    From Giorgi and usha

  5. Hi Stephanie

    In the holidays I went to the sunshining beaches of nelson.The first thing I did in nelson was to go to the beach and have a swim where the water was very warm.I really liked nelson and I hope I can go there next holidays.

  6. Hey Stephanie,

    My favourite scene in production was Milk bar scene because it was the best in the production.

    In the holidays i had my CookIsland performance and My cousins came from wellington and we played on the games and went to the play hoops at the park

  7. Hey Stephanie
    My fav scene was 1950's the milk bar scene.
    In the holidays I went to Raumati and Foxton it was very boring in foxton but it was awesome in Raumati.
    By Zoe

  8. Joshua Charlie & Quintin14 October 2013 at 09:18

    Hey Stephanie,

    Our favourite scene was the astronaut part in the 1969s because it was funny and awesome. Our holidays were awesome because me (Quintin) and Joshua played uberstrike 24/7 :D and Charlies was awesome.

  9. Hi my name is kayla and i go to melville intermdiate school
    I have just looked at your video and i loved all of it i dont think that i have a favourite because it was all great and awesome
    Your Faithfully kayla


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