Friday, 5 April 2013

An ethical dilemma

This week we watched scam city. One of the scams that was looked at was the child begging industry.

The challenge of this video was to start thinking about the impact of people's actions on the country and world. This is globalization, being able to talk about how actions you make have an effect on the wider world.

So what do you think I should have done when confronted with children begging for money on my trip to Bali?

Do you think I should have given a few dollars? If so why?

If you think I shouldn't be giving money, what could I do to make a positive difference to the lives of the kids asking for money.


  1. I think you should have not gave them money. I reakon you should give them food instead like a cookie becuase that what they use the money for.
    From giorgione

  2. Hi miss

    You should have given them money because they are risking there lives dodging the cars.

    Yes because they are risking there lives dodging the cars.


  3. Hi miss

    I think you should of not given them money because I not soo sure but I just think you should have given it.
    No not even a cent.
    IF you give them money then it just makes them think your thing is free.

    From Teah

  4. Hi Stephanie
    If children begging for money on my trip I will say this is my money for me trip.
    I think I should give a few dollars because this are poor and they have no money.
    I will give food to them.

    From Usha

  5. Dear Ms Thompson

    I think you should give some money.I think you should given them some money so they can survive

    From Ethan

  6. Hi Stephanie
    I think you should say no because you wouldn't know if they are poor or not, Plus you are wasting your money on them but not on your self.

    No I don't think it is a good idea because they are begging off other people and you don't know if they are poor.

    Try and give them a gob or talk to the council and ask for ideas for helping them.
    From Elizabeth

  7. 1.Not given them any money.

    2.Only if you go with them because you have no idea what they might buy.

    3.Go and play with them.

  8. Hi Stephanie
    I Think you should have given some money to them.

    Yes you should give them some money because they need a better life.

  9. Hey Stephaine

    1.I think you should have given them a little bit of money but not a whole lot.
    2.They probably don't have parents and they really need the money.

  10. Hey Miss Thompson,

    I think you should give them money because they need to survive,
    but they should at least save the money so they can get something
    big to eat then spend it on a small thing

    From Corban

  11. Hello Stephanie
    I think you should not give money to beggars because if you do the beggar will get use to free things

    From Nathan

  12. hey stephanie

    i reckon you shouldnt give them money because they were scamers unless they were real people who were engered.


  13. hi stephanie you dont give them money becase there peris will not be happy they wod buy food

  14. Hi-lo Stephanie.

    I would halve given them food instead of money because they might just wanna trick you for money.

    I think you should not give them money because it might be a scam and they might just want to get money from you.

    As I said you should given them packets.


  15. Hey Stephanie

    if you know whats what if this is fake and that is not i still say no because its your money.
    not dollars maybe about ten to 20 cents because atleast you see little kids happy and the scammers even happier.
    go aroud getting sponsors or helping them in other things like school or other things

  16. hey
    you shouldnt give them ur money instead give them food to eat.

    no because that woyuld be losing your money.

    say next time if i see you

    # writing

  17. Because if you need money to cach a bus or something you wont have
    enough money because thay scamed you

  18. hey stephenie

    I think that you shouldnt give them money because they say that they are poor and they need money but they all ready have money.

  19. Hello stephanie
    you shouldnt give them money because its yours but you decide what to do with it.
    only about 10 cents because you can see kids happy evil little faces.
    help them get educated by maybe getting schools for them.

  20. hey um no and yes the kid that really need it maybe but not the kid that are beg and yeah

  21. hi miss,

    you shouldnt give them your money because if you need to buy someone a gift or you need o get some food then you cant coz you dont have

  22. you should of said you don't have any change and try and help them out.
    no you shouldn't of
    walk around with them and make them happy


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