Friday, 12 April 2013

I Am Eleven

This week the teachers announced a Huia syndicate trip to Wellington to see the movie I Am Eleven.  It follows the story of 15 eleven year olds from countries across the world.

From the trailer have a go at answer these questions:

I was interested in learning girls from India who talked about caring for kids in the orphanage. Do you remember any of the kids from the trailer? What made them memorable for you?

What would you do if you could change the world?

Why do you think the film maker decided to talk to 11 year olds?

How do you think this movie fits with our school topic of globalisation?


  1. Hi
    The boy boxing.Hunger none gose hungary.Becuase there not kids but rot tennagers.People from all around world.
    From giorgi

  2. Dear Ms Thompson

    I would stop all the bad things that happen to other countries.
    To see their opinions about the world.
    Because it has kids all around the globe

    From Ethan

  3. Hi

    Miss Thompson

    I would Help the little kids who need my support and give them what they need.
    What There Passion is probaly.
    Im not so sure.
    From Teah Aspinall

  4. I would change the world by making everyone have houses and be healthy.

    Because they are changing.

    Because we are mostly all eleven and 12.

  5. my name is nick12 April 2013 at 11:51

    Hi stephane

    I would thange the world by stopping war are fighting.
    i think they chose 11 years olds because they are young and they want to know wat they think about life
    they are talking all around the world

  6. Hi Stephanie
    I remember the little girl playing with a ball, she looked so happy and content.
    I would like to make world peace so that everyone is happy.
    I think the film maker talked to 11 year olds because they're not quite children but they're not quite teenagers.
    It fits with globalisation because they are 11 year olds from around the world.

    From Helen

  7. Nathan's my name don't wear it out12 April 2013 at 11:53

    Hey Stephanie
    If I could change something in the world it would be Starvation and Insults
    I think the cameraman chose eleven year old's because when your eleven is when you get inspired
    I think it fits with globalization because in this movie the kids are from all around the world

  8. Hi Stephanie
    I will give food and money. Maybe there are not much 11 year old that don't have food or water.
    It is telling as about globalisation and what it means.

  9. Hi Stephanie

    I remember the girl whos country is in the middle of the war. I also remmeber the girl who takes care at the orphanage even known she broke her arm she stills helps.

    If i could change the world i would stop or atleast try to stop war
    I think the film maker wanted to show us about other peoples lives like whats going on here and there.

    I think it fits in by showing us the world and how others are having problems.

  10. hi stephaine

    yes the guy with the eye patch, the girl with the broken arm and the Spain guy.

    I would give money to poor people and there would be no wars

    Because their half teenager half kid.

    because they go all over the globe.

    by tom

  11. Hey

    Miss Thompson

    I would help the kids that need the help.
    May be he wants to konw how it feels to be eleven.
    Im not sure.
    from Rosalie Parekura

  12. Hi Ms. Thompson

    The one I probably remeber the most is that boy that was playing with his sisters because he said he didn't want inequalities.

    Things I would change in the world, probably all the wars.

    I think the producer pick 11 year old people because their in the middle of being kids and being teenagers.

    It fits with globalisation probably because it had people from other countries and what happened to them.

  13. Hi Stephanie,

    I would wish everyone would stop wars
    so I can see how much of a deference
    it would change to the world.

    From Corban

  14. hi stephanieI wod give money to evey one and food for kizs a rond the word that are 11 it is in aw age grop by zane

  15. hey stephanie
    i remember the who would look after people and it kinda looked like she had a good time and shes kinda streesing out

    if i could change the world i would think about other people and make sure they have a house and enoghth food for there family

    i think the film maker wanted to tell us a documentry of kids telling us about there lives and how there living

    i think it fits in because its people around the global

  16. Hey Stephanie,

    1. If I could change the world I would give food to poor people.

    2. They decided to talk to 11 year old's because were all close to that age

    3. I'm not sure.

    From Joshua

  17. hey
    i wish they could stop fighting to see what the world would be

  18. josh is the name. YOU GOT IT!!12 April 2013 at 12:12

    give everyone money.

    because thay wont to know what thay think.

    Telling people to stop fighting

  19. Hello Stephanie
    A girl looking after kids even if she had a broken arm.
    I would try and help people and the enviroment if I could.
    Because they are young and life could be differnt from are lives.
    I dont have much of an answer
    From Elizabeth

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