Sunday, 7 April 2013

Improv in Room 15

This week Room 15 had a go at some improv games that our teacher learned at the Apple institute in Bali. We played 1,2,3 to warm up followed by the "yes, and" game as well as the "yes, but" game before trying out some story telling.

Here we have Jono and Nick having a go. I like how the two students listened to each other to build on the story.

  •  What did you find tricky about improv? 
  •  What did you like/not like about doing improv? 
  •  How do you think it can help Room 15 with our learning?


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  2. Hello Stephanie.

    The thing I thought was tricky about improv was probably the acting because you had to have something ready without actually getting ready (in other words no planning).

    Something I like about improv probably the making up fast.
    The thing I didn't like is probably is the making it up the spot.

    I think this can help us learn by teaching us how to think faster and use timing.

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