Friday, 5 July 2013

Fast Lane - The Slide

This is a cool example of guerrilla geography - taking something every day and making it more fun.

 How could we make public places like bus stations and train stations more fun?

What has been fun for you this week?

What would you like to do as a fun treat next week?


  1. Hey Stephanie,

    I think we can make public places like bus/train station more fun by putting up interesting things not just one but two because there might be a lot of people who often catch trains instead of sitting down they can move around and do things.

    The fun thing about this week was Playing on the playground I usually don't but know I do and I have fun by hanging out with my mains.

    Next week I think what would be fun is by having a class thing like play games....

  2. Hi Stephanie

    Put a slide or a rolling treedmill down some stairs.

    My fun thing this week was catching people out in dodgeball.

    Take us to watch man of steel in the cinemas please.

  3. Corban & Quintin5 July 2013 at 12:02

    Hai Stephanie,

    We could create couches and places to put your feet on and you can lay down and relax.
    Doing heaps and heaps of running.
    Playing rugby and just running I guess.

    From Corban and Quintin.

  4. Hi Stephanie
    I don't know how to make bus and train station's more fun. my Passion project has been a bit fun. I'm not sure about a treat for next week.
    From Luke

  5. Hi Stephanie
    To make train stations and bus stops more fun we could make it inside and have really nice chairs and couches inside and we could paint them bright happy colours.
    This week my passion project has been fun to make and practising for Huia's got Talent.
    For a fun treat next week we could play different games for our brain breaks not just that playground game.

    You posted the fast lane video and questions three times.

    From Helen

  6. Hi Stephanie
    At a train station we could put a little track down and there will be big magnetic boards were you could build your on moving object that you get to sit in.
    I have really enjoyed dodge ball this week because I have got much better at throwing and dodging as well as catching.
    I would like to do more dodge ball next week so I don't lose my strength in throwing a ball plus I really enjoy playing dodge ball.

    From Elizabeth

  7. Hi Miss Thompson

    1:We think if you had More stuff it would be fun and it would be more fun and interesting and heaps of people would wanna go to the train or Bus station and it would be really really fun.

    2: Teah: This week as been fun Because I liked pe and I liked seeing my friends and yup.
    Zoe: Teaming up with helen and Hayley for the talent show.
    3:We would like to Do more fun things Next week like anything.

    Thanks From Teah and Zoe

  8. Dear Stephanie,

    I think we can make trains stations and bus stations more fun by putting bubble wrap vending machine. The fun thing for more this week was playing dodge ball for P.E. all week. My fun treat next week would be doing dodge ball again.


  9. Hi Stephanie

    To answer your first question I think the train station should get a flying fox for people who are running late or people who just want to have fun! For bus stations I think they should get an electric spinning board on the wall and people can spin it round and round.
    What has been fun for me getting to come to school even when I was sick what was fun for you this week.
    A fun treat maybe a shared lunch or a lot of lollies.
    From Grace

  10. Hi Miss
    I think you colud put a play grow
    fun frday
    by Zane

  11. Hi Miss

    I think they should build a giant fish tank on the floor.

    Dodge ball.

    Dodge ball all week.

  12. Usha and Rosalie5 July 2013 at 12:13

    Hey Stephanie,

    We think that we can make bus/train station more fun by putting fun things like what they made.

    What made it fun this week was playing and doing p.e.

    We thing the treat next week should be doing Lollie scramble and play dodge ball.

    By Usha and Rosalie.

  13. Hello Stephanie.

    I reckon you can make the station more fun with a mini jungle gym or a bike track of some sort.

    It's been fun playing rugby with some friends and playing on Xbox 360 with other people around the world.

    I think a good full game of Dodgeball or Football or Rugby.

    From Jullian

  14. hey Miss Thompson
    A cool putting a little skate park for the boys and girls
    and dodgeball.
    A fun thing that I did caught two dodgeball in a row
    and for next week more free time

  15. Hey Stephanie,

    I think we should put a gondolier from my house on the hill to school. I think doge ball has been fun. We could have a sausage sizzle.

    From Josh

  16. Hi room 15,

    the slide looks like lots of fun. I wish we could put one in a mall. It was funny to see the adults going on it. Maybe in a train station there could be the plates that when you step on them they make a noise. What gave the people a great idea about putting a slide there?

    Sarah Br,
    8C happenings

  17. Hey Stephanie,
    That video looks fun I would definitely take the fast lane down. :)

  18. Hi Room 5,

    This looks like a lot of fun. Did you know that Christchurch has a Ministry of Awesome? Maybe they would do something like this.

    Sarah Be,

  19. Hi Room 15,

    I wonder where the slide was because as soon as I find out I'm going to be on my way. This would be an awesome way in a public station to get transport. Who created the fast lane?

    Charlotte 8C, Selwyn House School Christchurch, New Zealand

  20. Fun times! Do you know where that clip was taken? I wish we had something like that at the Northlands Mall Hoyts! Those stairs take forever to climb down!

  21. Hi my name is Manish. I think that slide was have and was this at scool or outside your school. i hope it happan at my school.
    Manish, Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

    Mr Webb - we are going to have a look at the video - I explained to Manish that its not at your school - I think its at a Subway Station or a public location - I think that it looks a little dangerous!
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato


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