Monday, 29 July 2013

Welcome to Tawa Intermediate Mr Henderson

Today marked a special day at Tawa Intermediate - the start of our new principal Mr Henderson. There was a special assembly today called a powhiri to welcome Mr Henderson into our school. Students from Mr Henderson's old school Newlands Intermediate came to farewell Mr Henderson. I bet Newlands is sad to see their principal go.

Our class decided to make a video to welcome him to our class because that's how we roll.

Thanks to Jono, Nick and Nate for writing the script, Hayley for filming, Sally-Ann for the music, Tom for editing and all our students for taking part.

We hope Mr Henderson likes our movie.


  1. Welcome to your new school, Mr. Henderson. I am a fan of the Daily5 and love all of the technology Room 15 uses. They are true digital citizens!

  2. Welcome Mr Henderson to Tawa Intermediate

    We believe that the principal's role is critical to supporting the learning culture in a school. We look forward to everything that you have to bring to support, challenge and grow the teachers, our kids and our community.

    Bring your best, think big, learn from your mistakes (even make a few) and have fun. As Room 15 said in its introductory movie for the year - "its going to be great".

    We are enjoying seeing our son's engagement with his learning through technology - even when that technology is a book or a pencil ;-) and that he is having a lot of fun at school.

    Tom's parents

    1. Hi Tom's parents
      Thanks so much for stopping by. Great to hear Tom is loving intermediate. He did a great job of editing the movie. He's becoming an iMovie expert!


  3. Love it - teacher and students walking the walk, not just playing with the 'toys'. Capabilities for future citizens. I'll bet Mr Henderson feels right at home already!

  4. What a great video. Mr Henderson should have a good idea of what your class is about. You are lucky to have so much technology to support your learning. I would love for my students to be able to listen to audio books as they read - what app or site do you use for your audio books?

  5. Hi Mr Henderson,

    Welcome to your new position. My name is Kathleen Morris and I am a teacher in Victoria, Australia. I've enjoyed getting to know Stephanie and her students via blogging and Twitter. We have learnt a lot from each other!

    You're lucky to be at a school with such creative and innovative teachers and students! I hope you feel very welcome and enjoy your time.

    Best wishes,

  6. Hi Stephanie and Mr Henderson

    I thought I'd take up Stephanie's twitter challenge and show you just awesome twitter can be for teacher networking and what a small world teaching in NZ is. I've been interacting with Stephanie on twitter for a while now and have gained some awesome resources from her (not sure whether she's quite so into my dance links though...)!

    I hope you are settling into your new role well Mr Henderson. Of course we miss you at NIS, but things are sailing along pretty smoothly and we know you'll do Tawa proud.

    Brie/Ms J-V (from NIS)

    P.S. Room 6 says hi and jopes you are enjoying Tawa!

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  8. Welcome Mr Henderson! I hope Room 15 get to create an intro of you now that you have seen what they can do. (Nice work Rm 15)

    Stephanie tweets the Rm15 blog so that we get to share some of the fab learning that is happening in your school. The PLN this helps us share ideas and work across the country and the world. Maybe we'll meet you at edchat one week?

    G :)

  9. Greetings from California!
    2013 is a year of change for many of us around the world. All change is stressful, but with change comes opportunity for growth. My wish for the members of Tawa Intermediate (students, teachers, and Mr. Henderson), is to embrace the change and look forward to the growth! Imagine what you will all learn and become by the end of the school year.
    Dr. Natalie Bernasconi

  10. Hi Room 15. What an awesome use of technology!! The creating, sharing and learning displayed in the video was terrific. I feel very lucky to be working at such an exciting school.

    Thanks again for making me feel so welcome.

    Mr Henderson.

  11. Hi Room 15.
    That is a really cool video. I hope you had a fun time creating the video. My favourite part was when you showed the student running away from the shark. It was very funny. Looks like you guys spent a lot of time on this video. How long did it take you?????

    Room 5
    Melville Intermediate

  12. Charlotte Rose30 July 2013 at 14:34

    It is really cool I loved it

  13. Great work, Room 15 - nice to see you engaging with the outside world so well. Mr Henderson will no doubt be very impressed.

  14. This looks like a great class to have in your new school Mr Henderson, they have made a great video and it appears that they are really thinking about the best and most appropriate ways to use technology to assist their learning.

    I loved the fact that they are vocal in their support of technology in education to the highest levels.

    Enjoy your new school Mr Henderson.

  15. Amazing blog and fantastic welcome video. Well done students. I bet Mr Henderson will learn loads about your school from watching it. Your blog has given me loads of ideas for my class blog. I am a teacher from Whangarei. Keep up the great work!

  16. Mr Henderson
    I'm sure you deserve the great students and staff. Seems that now all you have to do is help them to flourish and meet their expectations :-)
    Good luck – and in Hebrew בהצלחה
    From Israel

  17. Congratulations Mr Henderson on joining a wonderful learning community. I believe it's wonderful because of the connections that staff like Stephanie have in providing engaging opportunities for the learners at Tawa Intermediate. I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by Stephanie earlier in the year at the Emerging Leaders Unconference and follow her via Twitter and blogging. As a leader the benefits of being connected to a personal learning network online are powerful, I look forward to connecting with you in the future to hear how your transition is. Have a great term!
    Nga mihi nui
    Deputy Principal
    Pakuranga Heights

  18. Welcome Mr Henderson
    We have been quadblogging with another class at Tawa Int. Blogging is a great way to connect our students. I hope you enjoy the e-learning at Tawa Intermediate. Linda Baran, Year 8 Teacher, Selwyn House School.

  19. Congratulations to the teacher and to the students, wonderful video and work!!!

    Greetings from Rosario, Argentina,


  20. I wrote an awesome long comment but lost my connection argh!

    Welcome Mr Henderson and well done Room 15!

    I am a very old friend of Miss Thompson, we met over 15 years ago at University. Did you know that while Miss Thompson was studying to be your teacher she used to babysit my children? Daniel was a little baby and Jacob only 3 - he is now at school too, here in Auckland. They miss their Aunty Stef, but have managed to Skype her.

    Love your video and keeping up to date with your progress through twitter and this blog.


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