Friday, 12 July 2013

Halfway mark

Hi Room 15 it's hard to believe that we are already halfway through the year!

How has your year gone so far? What has been a highlight?

Do you think this video is a good snapshot of the year so far?

What are some things we need to work on?


  1. Hey Stephanie,

    This year so far its been really hard and cool.

    My highlight was when we had college sports,,every thing.

    I think the video is a good snapshot because its really interesting how young the people are!

    The more thing we can do to make it better is have more things and make it really interesting!

  2. Hi Stephanie

    The highlight of the term for me is doing lots more dodgeball and playing with Josh w.

    Yes because it shows the progress of the year so far.

    Do class trips or something like that.

    1. Hi Michael, Where's Toms name

    2. Yea were is my name

  3. Hi Stephanie

    It's been a great year so far I love this school. A highlight for me has been the disco, fun run, making new friends and just being here.
    Well yes because it shows who is here and what is going on in here. It's a great way to show room 15.
    Get everything done make this year busy like it is already and Have fun. Miss Thompson are you going to make this year harder.

  4. Hi Stephanie
    my high light this for this week was to do more wrting
    yes becase it has been fun so far

    By Zane

  5. Hey Miss Thompson

    My year has been really great Because I have made a lot of you Friends.Yes I think It is a Good snapshot.We need to talk loud and Make it more Interesting.

    From Teah

  6. Hi room 15
    Looks like you had a awesome year so far
    did you really have an explosion
    from Tara and Emily
    Room 13
    Mt pleasant school

  7. Hi Stephanie

    This year so far has been good because I have been making movies.
    A highlight through this year is making movies.
    I think the video is a good snapshot through the year.
    I think we should DO MORE MOVIES


  8. Hey Miss Thompson

    My year has been really good I have made a lot of friends. Yes I think it is a good snapshot.
    Make it more Interesting.

    From Rosalie

  9. Hey Miss Thompson

    I think this year has gone good so far and my favourite thing so far is dodge ball .Yes it looks really good.Make more videos.

    From Ethan

  10. Hi Miss Thompson

    My year was fun My highlight was making bread. The snapshot was great. Make it funny and more interesting.

    From Usha

  11. Hey Stephanie,

    My year has been great because I met Michael and Tom and a highlight this year would be to do Passion Projects. I think the snapshot is good because it shows the progress of the year. I think we could do like a class trip or something like that.

    From Josh.W

  12. Hi, miss Thompson
    My highlight for the year has been cross country because I felt proud of my fitness. We should make a new video for this term. Listen to the teacher and don't talk during class when the teacher talking.
    From giorgione

  13. Hi Stephanie,

    The year has been really good so far and I think a highlight for the year would be getting into student council. The video is a good snapshot of the year so far... kind of, some events aren't in the video. We need to make more mistakes, because mistakes are awesome!


  14. Hi Stephanie
    My year has gone well so far, my highlight of this year was getting into the Japanese trip I am really excited about going!
    I think that was a cool video and it does remind me a bit of what we have been doing this year so far.
    Helping out each other more.


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