Monday, 16 July 2012


Hi Class
Welcome back to the third term. I can't believe we already half way through the school year! Over the holidays I cleaned up the classroom, went to a first aid course, learned how to make croissants. 

Croissants are really time-consuming and tricky to make. It takes about 8 hours to make croissants. You roll butter into dough and make layers before shaping the croissants and cooking them. However croissants are so delicious when they are made properly. 

My croissants are ready to go in the oven! They were delicious.
This holiday I also went up to Auckland for NetHui. That's where I saw Matt Mullholland perform the Katy Perry song we saw in  class. It was good to share some of the cool stuff that Room 15 does with other people. What was even cooler was hearing people talk about our video submission.

Did you feel the earthquake during the first week? That was the first really powerful earthquake I have felt in Wellington. I have a new admiration for the people in Christchurch as the earthquake seemed to go on for such a long time.  Did you feel it?

All in all, my holiday was pretty frantic and I'm glad to be back at school. How about you? What did you get up to in the holidays?


  1. Hi miss,
    I've had a great holidays, though most of it was my mum either cleaning or working. I swear she never takes a break!
    All we really did was stay at home and watch movies. My favourite movie was probably 'The Darkest Hour'. It's about a group of five teenagers who try to stop an alien invasion.
    It's a great movie that I would highly suggest.


  2. Hi miss,

    I had an ok holiday, as I got moved around alot because myn mum was working and my dad was away working down south.For a couple of days i spent 6 hours at my mums work on their computers wasting internet,like im good at,and for 3 days I was with my step mum and my brother,watching TV and on their computer aswell.

    Hope everyone else had better holidays then me!

  3. Hi Stephanie
    I didn't do much in the holidays. I read most of the time.
    We had cousins from Perth in the first week.

    I did feel the earthquake, it was scary because we could hear it for ages before we felt it and I just thought it was a frieght train or something but suddenly everything was moving and my mum was yelling at me to get under a door frame!

    From Helen

  4. Hi Stephanie
    I think you should make some croissants the sound delish! In the holidays I went to the skate park and went skiing. I did feel the earthquake,I was freakin out!

    later, Jono

  5. Hi Stephine

    I didn't feel the earthquake because i was in Napier for the holidays with my grandparents.We went shopping most days and the weather wasn't very fun it was raining most days. When it did fine up we got a kite and flew it.

    From Nikita

  6. Hey again,

    In my holidays i played a lot of football and PS3. I hade a blast on the playstation, as im nowin a clan :P It was really fun and i enjoy R16 shooters. Did you have any favourite moments, one that stood out the most?


  7. Hi Miss,
    In the holidays I had to look after my baby brother Boston, It was fun at first, and then he started whinning and crying and pulling my hair. Just then I tried to seiz every moment of peace and quiet as I could, just to get caught by my dad whom laughed at me saying "Nice try."
    And no, I didn't feel the earthquake in the holidays. I was to busy sleeping.

  8. Hey,

    In the holidays I played a lot of basketball. Although I still felt that strong earthquake.

    Whas it fun making the croissants?

  9. hey miss
    in the hoilday i went down south for a week and spent time with my famiy it was relxing and cool.luckly i dint feel the earthqwake but i heard about it and was worried for you guys up in wellington
    from giorgione


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