Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Play hard or play fair?

I saw this picture of facebook. The girl on the right was in last place in a race when she caught up to competitor on the left who was carrying an injury. Instead of running past her to avoid the last-place finish, the girl on the right took her competitor's arm around her shoulders, carried her 30 meters, and then pushed her over the finish line before crossing it. 

When you compete do you think it is better to win or to play fair? Do you think the girl's decision to help might have been different if she was coming first?


  1. Hi Miss

    I think the girl on the right was realy nice to carry the other girl and push her over the line before she crossed. When I compeate I like it when everybody plays fair and not when everyone cheats. The girls decision might have been different if she was comming first but I'm not able to tell.


  2. Hi Stephanie
    I think it is better to play fair than win because if you cheat and win you won't feel as good as if you help someone and then come last.

    The girls desision probably wouldn't have been different if she was coming first because kind samaritans are usally nice no matter what.

    From Helen

  3. Hi miss

    i think its better to play fair than to win as you will have this very stong guilty feeling if you run past an injured person.its better to help someone, then to watch them suffer.

    i think that girl used a lot of integrety and her dicision was wise!

  4. Hi Miss,

    I think that it is better to play fair rather than winning, sure the probabilities are leaning towards the helper coming in last place but atleast she wasn't sore about it. If the women on the right had been in the first place position, I actually would believe the judgement would be weighed between her kindness and or her persistance to win.
    But I strongly believe that she would have helped out iff she was in first pace.


  5. Hi Stephanie

    I'm not really sure what she would of done if she was in first place or not though I think what she did was really nice of her because I know for a fact that some other people wouldn't even think of doing something that nice for that girl that person who was carrying that girl had the right idea of being kind to others.

    From Brittany.xx

  6. Hi Miss
    Its Teah I think people should play fair because u need to be nice and include others.

    From Teah Aspinall:)

  7. Hi Miss,
    I think that it's more important to play fair than to win. I think she made a good choice and that she probably would have made the same choice.

  8. Hi Stephine

    Its always a good feeling to win something but the only way you can have a good feeling winning is to play fair.
    I think it was really nice what that girl did for the other girl that was injured.Not many people would've done that.

    From Nikita

  9. Hey,

    To advance, in a career, you must go hard and show no mercy!!!!!!!!
    She shouldn't have stopped... if she was winning, but, as she wasn't I believe she did the right thing


    1. Hi,

      I think what the girl coming last place did, was honourable. It is because she knew, she didn't deserve it. It was just the matter of "The wrong place, at the wrong time".

      I think she was rather chivalrous.


  10. hey miss
    i think the girl did was nice sweet and kind.its like in life not everything a competion and you dont need to wiv everything
    from giorgione


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