Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Knowledge or imagination?


  1. Hi Stephanie
    I think imagination is better than knowledge because if you have a good imagination you can achieve a lot and have lots of fun but if you know everything there is to know life would be really boring because there will be nothing left to learn.

    From Helen

  2. Dear Stephanie
    He who has imagination without learning, has wings and no feet.

    Imagination is way more important then knowledge, as if you have imagination, you think of cool ideas, but if you have knowledge, you'll say that can't be done.

    Bye, Lachlan

  3. Hi miss,

    I think imagination is much greater then knoledge.most older people think different as they have much more knoledge then younger people and have growen out of imagination.I have more imagination then most of my nfriend in my old school so i got bullied a lot.


    1. Hi Stephanie
      I think imagination is a lot better than knoledge because the more knoledge you have he less imagination you have. I mean I have VERY little knoledge so I have an average imagination.


  4. Hi Stephanie

    I think i have imagination just not as much as other people, Adults think you need more knowledge than imagination but thats not all true you do need imagination because it what makes life more interresting aswell as you need knowledge to get a good job.


  5. Hi Miss

    To actually think of how much imagination I have lost over the past few years, its actually quite suprising how much I have lost from being a little kid. So I think by far imagination is better and precioucer than knowledge.


  6. Hi Miss

    Its Teah I think Imagination because u can Imagin any thing you want!

    From Teah Aspinall:)

  7. Hey Miss,
    I think both are important but in my opinion, imagination is more important. If we didn't we wouldn't have any good books or inventions. We wouldn't have people like Stephen King, Derek Landy, J. K. Rowling, or C. S. Lewis. It really is a good thing. I know I couldn't live without it.


    1. Hi miss Thompson,

      I think that Albert Einstein's quote is correct. It's because if we were only to learn about reality, most of the people would find it harder to learn because your brain wouldn't be able to expand or open things that your knowledge can't.


  8. Hey,

    To be honest, they need to be balanced. If you have to much knowledge, life shall be boring, but to much imagination, and you would day dream, and never get anything done. My opinion has been stated.

    - Frozen

  9. Hi Stephine

    I think imagination is greater then knowledge because in life you can have more fun having imagination then being serious with knowledge.

    From Nikita

  10. Hi Stephine

    I think imagintion is better because it is a better way of having than knowlegde.

  11. hey miss
    i love imgation we you can be just be in your littel word not being told right or wroung like when you were littel kid when your inmagtion is vast and huge full with ideas but realty and imagetion seem to clash green skys and pink hills no longer extis but in your imgation anyhing can exsit thats why i love imgation
    from giorgione


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