Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Our awesome student submitters

Back in Term 2 our class made a video submission to the Education and Science select committee Inquiry on Digital Learning. Now finally the committee is hearing verbal submissions our class gets a chance to have their say on digital learning.

Because our class only has 5 minutes to speak, we couldn't take everyone who wanted to speak to parliament.

On Friday we decided on what we were looking for in our representatives. We decided our representatives needed to be confident public speakers,  answer questions well, made a good contribution to our video submission, manage their time effectively and cope under pressure were what we were looking for in our representatives.

Interested students then had the weekend to prepare before making a presentation on why they thought they would be an awesome representative for our class. To add to the pressure we invited our principal Mrs Stuart along to see the presentations. The the class, our principal and teacher then graded the students on each of the criteria.

After much deliberation and scoring Lachlan, Stephen, Giorgione, Helen and Jade have been selected to be verbal submitters. Giorgione won't be speaking but she is helping with our work and is going to make a documentary about our experience so that others can share in our learning.

Congratulations to those selected and a huge thank you to the students who tried out.



  1. The whole class can go along and observe and you can stay as long as the committee is in public session, which might be a couple of hours. Is this the education and science select committee? I made an oral submission last week. It is a good committee. The members are interested and engaged and it is well chaired. They will be interested in what you have to say and will have lots of questions. Just speak clearly so everyone in the room can hear. Personal stories are always good so don't be shy about talking about personal experience. They are also keen to know about any useful New Zealand software or any original programming or research you are doing that they can tell other people about in their report. Get there early because you have to go through security and then find the right room which can take a little while.

    1. Hi Hilary
      We decided to have just the five students go along to speak as we don't have much time.



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