Monday, 24 September 2012

Final Week's work on writing for Term 3

WALT:  write a piece persuasive text.

This week you are going to respond to an article in the media. Before you write your post, you need implement the 3-2-1 Fun reading strategy. Then you need to write a piece which either agrees or disagrees with the article.

Your post needs to have:

Introduction - a hook into your story. Appeal to the audience's emotions or put them in that situation.
3 main points - each point should have a separate paragraph.
Conclusion  - why you think you the way you do and link back to your introduction.

You also need to provide a link to the article that you are responding to in your post somewhere.

Nikki, Helen, Lachlan and Nikita really nailed last week's structure so if you are unsure go and take a look at their work for examples of what you need to be looking for.

Here are some things you might want to write about:

There were a lot articles about education this weekend due to National Standards data being released.

A newspaper article claims that texting and slang are effecting students ability to write.

Titahi Bay Intermediate just down the road from us claims national standards could cause children to give up on school.

Other things you might want to write about.

Should junk mail be banned?
Do you think the All Blacks can continue their winning streak?

Remember you need to base your argument around the idea of sustainability - the ability to keep something going.

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