Thursday, 13 September 2012

What is success?

What successes have you had this week?

What do you think makes a successful student? How are they successful?

Can you even measure success?


  1. Hi Stephanie

    This week my successfulness was in Maths, I thinks a successful student is someone who achievs in great things. I think you can't measure success

    From sarah

  2. Hi Stephanie
    I think I did good in Maths on Friday.when they do something good and They do something to a high standard and I think you can not measure success

  3. Hey Miss,

    My success was probably my home-made flake icecream being a hit in food.

    I think that a successful student is someone who works hard and tries their best, no matter what the odds.

    No, I don't think you are able to measure success since everyone's perspective on it is different and everyone's expectation is different.


  4. Hi Stephanie
    I didn't have any successes last week.
    I think a succsesful student is someone who tries their hardest to learn and puts their knowledge to good use.
    I think that you can't measure succses because you can be succsesful on so many different scales.

  5. Hi Stephane,I think a susceesful student is a one who follows there work and does Wat they have to do to lead a better future.My suscess this week was learning to fix a heater.I don't know if u can measure suscess but u can achieve it.

  6. Nikki,

    I think what makes a successful student is if they study, do they're homework, pays attention to instruction.

    If you were to measure success you could make a bar graph showing they're consistency on how good they do they're homework is a good example.

  7. Hi Stephanie

    My success this week was probably that I didn't get kicked out of Tawa goes to town so far I think 10 people have been kicked out. I a successful student doesn't have to be a smart student a sucessful student is someone who keeps trying to reach there goals and they practice and practice.
    You can't measure sucess.

    From Nikita

  8. Hi Miss
    This week I have succeeded at the skate park by landing a double tail whip. I don't rely know what makes a successful student. No


  9. Hi stephaine
    My success was in maths.I think a successful student is someone who achieves in great things.I don't think you can measure success

  10. My success would probably be getting over CHERUB and reading City of Bones. It actually stayed unfinished for 3 days longest a book has been for me.

    I think that successful people that can make thing that seems that the odds are turning against them they still come out successful out of it.

    No, I don't think you can measure success because everyone is successful in their own way.


  11. Hey Stephanie

    I have not had any success this week
    and i think for a student to be
    successful they need to study and
    do extra homework

  12. Hi Miss,

    I think a successful student is one who loves to come to school is happy most of the time,follows intructions and does work on time.The way i would measur success, would be writing what you had done each day,then write what they they have improved on.My success last week was surviving my scout tramp and not breaking myself.

  13. Hi Stephanie,
    My success is finishing my pottery in just an hour. I finished three things a angel a cup and a globe. I also finished off with my tap exam.

    What I think success is? Doing something that you have done well in. I am proud of my pottery I worked hard. I am really happy I finished my tap exam it's hard work but I'm proud of my work.

    I'm not so sure what measuring success means?

  14. Success is finishing what you set out to do.
    My success this week was knowing my words for 'Toot Sweets'.
    Successful people are people who work hard and get good things from doing that.
    Success can be measured sometimes but not every time because it depends what they're successful at.

  15. Hi Stephanie,
    My success last week was that I made up little songs in music spec.
    A successful student is a student who reaches their goals and completes what ever they set their mind on.Yes you can count how much success you had in your life if you can remember it all.

  16. Hey,

    I believe that to be sucsessful you need to work hard and practice, I have not had any sucsess yet this week, but im hopfully going to enjoy this week.


  17. Hi Stephanie,
    I haven't had any success this week, at least not yet.
    I think to find success in a student, they need to try their hardest what ever the outcome, and uses their physical,and mental knowlege to their advantage.
    I think also that you can measure someones success, because it shows in their life or career.

  18. Hi stephanie

    Success is when you set a target and you finish it.
    I had a bit of success this week because I finished all my homework.
    successful students get all there work done in time.


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