Monday, 17 September 2012

Work on writing starting 17/09

Hi Room 15

Our WALT for this week's work on writing is persuade others.

Learning how to write persuasively is an important skill and not just for

Introduction - this is the place where you hook people into your argument.
3 main points - Three key arguments as to why you are are right. You should talk about the other side and talk about why they are wrong.
Conclusion - Link back to your introduction.

Brad wrote a fantastic piece on facebook earlier this year which follows this basic template. You can read his post here.

Your post needs to be at least 3 paragraphs and no more than 800 words and is due in by THURSDAY.

Your topic should be related to sustainability and you need to take a stance on an issue.

Stuck for a topic? Here are some ideas:

Food in schools. Last week, food in schools was very topical. Should the government provide money for food in schools? (sustaining our bodies).
Should Te Reo be compulsory for students to learn? (sustaining our culture)
Rubbish - should our school ban wrappers and gladwrap from lunchboxes? (sustaining our environment)


  1. Hi Room 15, Persuasive writing is one of our favourites. We have been writing letters to Farmer Brown to encourage him to re-think farm animal conditions for a bit of fun. I thought you might like these resources we used to help us with our persuasive texts earlier in the year! Have fun writing!
    Mrs K

  2. Room Fifteen
    We did Sustainability as our topic this term too, and earlier this term we also did Persuasive Writing this term too! We'd love to be able to read your work somehow, are you going to be posting the finished writing anywhere online where it can be read? Like on your individual student blogs? Could we use it as part of a lesson next week?
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato.

    1. Hi Room Five and Mr Webb
      The students are publishing their work on their blogs.



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