Tuesday, 18 September 2012

What's in Room 15's lunchboxes?

What's in (or not in) kids' lunchboxes is the cause of a lot of debate in our country at the moment. Some of our reading groups have been looking at how food in schools relates to our topic of sustainability.

One of our reading groups watched a Campbell Live story where a journalist compared lunchboxes at a poor and rich schools. We were shocked to see that so many New Zealand children don't eat lunch. During the reading group, Brad suggested that we do the lunch box experiment in our class.

Just before lunch Room 15 students got out their lunchboxes and put ticks or crosses next to our lunches to show if the students had eaten breakfast.


We had a few students away at the music festival so there were only 22 students here today. 
Our survey results
According to Wikipedia our school is a Decile 8 which means our school is located in a relatively wealthy community. However not everyone in our class had eaten breakfast and some students had already eaten all their lunch.

What does school lunch look like for the students in your class?

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