Friday, 7 September 2012

Tenacity - how have you show this quality lately?

A few weeks ago I went with one of my friends to see the movie First Position. I'm not a big fan of ballet but the film was more about the journeys of  half a dozen dancers aged 11-17. The film followed the dancers' preparation for a major competition.

We often think of dancers, especially ballet dancers as being gifted. But is that something you are born with or do you think it is something you work at?

One of the qualities of a great dancer that is mentioned in the film is tenacity, the ability to keep trying even though a task might be difficult.

How have you show tenacity in your learning lately?


  1. Hi Stephanie

    I think Tenacity means that people have to work hard to be where thwy are, and no matter who you are you can get there.

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I think that people don't have to be born to be a star to have tenacity, they simply have to have a passion for the sort of art they are interested in, and also work hard for it.

    I haven't shown tenacity, or enough recently in my learning, but hopefully I should do next week!!!

  3. Hey Stephanie,

    I think that doing something like ballet is something you work at, it doesn't come naturally.
    I think I have shown tenacity with my learning... A few people have told me to slow done whilst writing, so I guess I'm quite stubborn. Tenacity is just another word for stubborn....


  4. Nikki

    I think i showed tenacity lately when I didn't know a maths question and looked it up at a book.

  5. Hi stephaine,
    You arent born to be a professional dancer you have to work and deadicate your life to it.Ive shown tenacity trying to get my mucsule strong again

  6. Not really... I probably should because then I'd be more successful in the future. You have to be tenacious to succeed in your task or challenge.

    From Lachlan.

  7. Hi stephanie

    I think tenacity means that you work hard to get something because they need to be able to try the best to get to concerts to preform and stuff like that.

    From Brittany

  8. Hi Stephanie

    I think tenacitey means that you arnet born a star but if you work hard enough and train and train you will get there someday.

    From Nikita

  9. Hi Stephanie
    I thinks it's something that you work for , because I couldn't do the splits so I kept trying and practicing untill I got there. So it is something thy you defiantly work for,

    From sarah

  10. To Stephanie

    I think that people on that video have worked really had to get we they are. It shows consistency something we all strive for in life.

    By giorgi

  11. Hi Stephanie
    I think that dancers are not gifted and they work for it.
    I think that I have showed I with my dyslexia and working with my speld teacher and my homework
    From Jade

  12. Hi Stephanie

    I've shown tenacitey when I auditionedfor unity pasifika poly fest but sadly I did not make it.

    From Ethan

    1. Hi Stephanie
      Dancers are gifted but they still have to work really hard to make it a career.
      I think I have shown tenacity in my work this week.

      From Helen

  13. Hi Stephanie,

    I've show Tenacity when I try new sports e.g. Rugby


  14. Hi Miss

    to be honest I don't realy know what tenacity is so I don't know.


  15. Dear Stephanie

    These people have worked hard to get where they are. Yeah, I guess I have used tenacity in sport.


  16. Nate
    Hey Miss I dont get what tenacity is but it is along the lines of working hard and achieving


  17. Michael.duncan@tis7 September 2012 at 13:50

    Practice makes perfect and remember not everybody suseeds.It isnt a gift it's just completing your goals

  18. Hi miss

    these people have pushed their bodys to the limit and i do the same thing with my badminton!I suck at back hand but i still try untill i have blisters!eventhough i push myself as hard as i can, i still love it.


  19. Hi Stephanie
    I think tenacity means that yyou work really hard and
    no matter who you are what your doing you will get there

  20. Hi Stephanie

    I think I've shown Tenacity in Maths. My basic facts is getting harder and harder and I've shown Tenacity by doing it and trying my best to finish it.


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