Monday, 26 November 2012

Buy nothing day?

I heard on the radio that Saturday was International Buy Nothing Day. I didn't do so well as I needed to buy ingredients for my sister's wedding cake. I bought a lot of stuff but then I baked the cake with my sister so that was fun as we don't see that much of each other.

Did you or your family go shopping on Saturday?

Did you stop to think about what you might be doing if the shops weren't open?

When I was your age, the shops were closed every Sunday and didn't stay open late at night. Since 1990 shops were allowed to open 24 hours a day except on Christmas day, Easter Friday and Sunday, as well as half of ANZAC. Day

Who do you think benefited from the shops being shut once a week?

Who might not be so happy with the shops being shut once a week?

What would happen if the government announced that shops were forced to shut once a week?

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