Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Celebrating the Solar Eclipse

We were lucky in Room 15 to have a cracker of a day for the total eclipse. Although Wellington is a bit far South to enjoy the full effect, we had some fun using old and new technology to help us enjoy the event. 

Nate is enjoying the skyview view app on the ipad.
 Skyview is an augmented reality app which overlays graphics onto the scene in front of us.

 After morning tea, we ventured up to Tawa college for some more viewing.  Tawa college had some filters to view the eclipse.

Tawa College also had some proper telescopes for the students to look at the eclipse.

This is the most complete eclipse New Zealand will see until July 22, 2028. Hard to believe that the students will be almost into their 30s by then!

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  1. My class discovered that you could project the light from the sun onto the wall via your watch (the glass) and then see the eclipse that way. We used special glasses to view it - it was really cool!


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