Friday, 23 November 2012

Death by powerpoint

Have you seen some terrible PowerPoint presentations?
Have you created some terrible ones too?
What are the main messages in this video?
How can you improve your communication skills?


  1. To Stephanie

    I have seen some really terrible powerpoint presentations.
    I have created some really bad ones but I have made some really good ones too.
    He was trying to tell you how to make a really good presentation.
    To make jokes sometimes but you also have to make a good connection with them to.

  2. To Stephanie

    Yes, definitely I am bad at remembering things so I would write everything on the PowerPoint. Use powerpoint wisely. Make cuecards so that it doesn't make the presentation so wordy.

    From Nikita

  3. Logan, Shavee, Nikki

    Yes I think we all have seen a terrible presentation before at least once in our lives.

    No because none of us have made a power point before.

    The main message to this video is they add too much info etc.

    I think you can just add the main points instead of the whole thing. So small ideas but think BIG.

    1. Dear stephaine

      Do I have not seen a bad powerpoint ever! but i have made one or not to make a bad powerpoint!

      jade and josh

  4. To stephiane

    Yes,definetly we are bad at rembering things with are blonde minds.Dont have to detailed powerpoints and dont write all the infomation on the powerpoint say some of the info to the audiance aswell.

    From Courtney,Sarah

  5. Elizabeth & Hayley23 November 2012 at 13:53

    Hayley and Elizabeth said
    yes for number 1

    We both said yes
    We think it means to check over your work.

    Look at them will you talk. Talk properly

  6. Hey Miss,

    Butler: Yes, I have seen some horrible power points, with stuff flying back and forth, up and down. It's really annoying.

    Michelle: How he hated bullet points with every single piece of info on them where it distracts you from the key points.

    Helen: We can inprove our comunication skills by thinking about what we put down and how we set it out.

    Helen, Michelle, & Butler

  7. I have seen bad power points a few times in my life

  8. Giorgiiii and Lachyyy23 November 2012 at 13:56

    Giorgi And Lachlan.

    Yes we've seen horrible ones.

    No because i'm just that special.

    What not to do in a powerpoint, crowding is too hard to understand.

    Think simple.

  9. 1) Ram: I've never seen a bad power point presentation.
    Stephen: I've never seen a bad power point presentation.
    2) Ram: No
    Stephen: Neither
    3) Ram: Showing how to make a good presentation.
    Stephen: Showing that there are still some boundaries in making your power point presentation.
    4) Ram: Have impact points.
    Stephen: Have more confidence.


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