Tuesday, 20 November 2012

From Trash to Fab - Middle Earth style

One of our home learning tasks for this term was called from Trash to Fab. The brief was to take an item that would otherwise be thrown away and make it into something awesome. Here our resident Tolkien  fan Sammiiee has taken an old piece of carpet and some egg cartons and turned it into a map of West Middle Earth.  Awesome work Sammiiee!



  1. Hello Room 15 and Sammiiee
    What an amazing project! I am a huge Tolkien fan and am really impressed with your "Trash to Fab" creation - well done!
    Question: how did you manage to keep the map scale correct?
    From Ako

  2. Hi Ako,

    I got the map to scale by drawing it first on an A-3 piece of paper then compared the measurements of both the carpet and the paper. After doing that, I figured out how large each square would have to be to fit most of the map I had drawn onto the carpet.
    It was quite simple, really.



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