Monday, 26 November 2012

Words of Wisdom for Year 6s

My room
In my house
Somewhere in Wellington
New Zealand

Room 15
Tawa Intermediate School


Dear Room 15 Students

In case you haven't guessed already this week we are practicing the art of formal letter writing. Although most business is conducted via email these days it is still important to know how to write a formal letter for job applications or perhaps in support of an application.

Your task for the week is to write a letter imparting your words of wisdom for the Year 6s coming to Tawa Intermediate School.

Because we haven't posted on our blogs in a couple of weeks I think it is important to go over good posting. Your letter should make a positive connection with the reader (and a reminder anyone can read your work). Don't give out too much information (notice how I used my room, in my house, somewhere in Wellington and sign off using only my first name).  You also need to show that you have used all the key elements of a formal letter.

Formal letters have key elements that must appear in order.

  • Your address.
  • The recipient’s address (who you’re sending the letter to).
  • The date
  • The salutation (Dear so and so)
  • The opening paragraph (why you are writing)
  • A couple of main points
  • A closing paragraph
  • The closing greeting (your sincerely if you know the person, yours faithfully if you do not)
  • Your signature/name.
So a reminder you are writing a letter to the incoming year 6s about your words of wisdom on how to make the most of intermediate school. I hope you enjoy this weeks task and I look forward to reading your letters.

Yours sincerely


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