Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pouakai Power!


Our second day at TIS was a bit cold but boy was it busy!

In the morning we learned a special kind of clap called a Dexterity Check. We will need to practice the clap a few more times before we can get it just right.

We also found our buddies.

Buddies are people who we will be working together with when we need to work in pairs. Hopefully by the end of the term every student in Room 15 will have worked together.

A highlight of Room 15's day was our first syndicate PE session lead by the outrageous Mr O.C from Room 14. We took part in a special race where we moved our entire class from one end of the hall to the other while staying on two small mats. Our class came a close second to Room 14. A special thanks to Brad and Fraser for showing leadership during the syndicate challenge and also for the members of our team who cheered for Room 13 as they crossed the finish line.

During our first Assembly we learned more about the academies at Tawa Intermediate.

A reminder applications for academies are due in by Tuesday February 7.

Do you remember what the word Dexterity means?
Are you planning to audition for any academies?


  1. How exciting to find your blog, Room 15! Blogging is an amazing way to share your learning with family, friends and the world! In fact – I think a classroom blog is like another window into your room. Imagine people looking through the window into your classroom… Having a blog means that people from all around the world can see what you are up to and share your learning! Isn’t that magic? I am really looking forward to following your learning and seeing what you all get up to! Keep sharing!

    1. Thanks Ms Bee for your kind comment. We'll be sharing a lot of work this year with our family and friends.

  2. Room 15 - I don't know about the Tawa Intermediate Academies but would love to hear about them and what they could offer the students. Really excited to see what your class will come up with this year with your blog.

    1. @ Melville Intermediate
      Thanks for the awesome comment, we really appreciate it. An academy is a special club to help Tawa Intermediate students develop our skills in certain areas like art, drama and music. We will write about this on our blog.

      Room 15, Tawa Intermediate.

  3. Sounds like you are having a great start to the year - awesome! I think I would like to do some PE with the outrageous Mr OC! Every school needs one of them! Can't wait to find out what else you will all get up to this year, enjoy!

    1. Thanks for your comment Mrs R.
      We'll start writing more about our PE sessions soon.

      Room 15

  4. Hi Tawa Intermediate. It's cool reading about what you're doing. We are just up the Road at Amesbury Primary in Churton Park. We're looking forward to seeing and reading what you get up to this year. See you soon :)


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