Monday, 6 February 2012

Let's get started for the second week

Hi Room 15

I hope you've had a great long weekend. I went to Noarebang with my friends and had lots fun singing some Japanese and Korean songs. I've also marked most of your first week home learning tasks.

This week we need to nominate a Student Councillor and a deputy. The Councillor represents our class on the student council. We need to think about the qualities of a good Councillor and decide who we think might be a good people to represent our class. Council will meet at the same time as sports committee.

A couple of reminders.

Academy applications close TUESDAY. Please submit your applications to students services ASAP.

Tomorrow is the TIS community Get Together. This is your chance to show off the school and our class to your parents. The get together starts at six and I hope to meet your families.

Your money and permissions slips for our Ngatitoa trip need to be in on Friday. We also need some parent helpers to make this trip happen. Check in with your parents see if they are available.

Your next home learning tasks, the Collaboreyes project is due on Friday. For this task you need to find a place that you feel safe and get someone to take a picture of you with sunglasses on.

I've had some great submissions from Helen, Brittany and Sarah but I hope to see more in the next few days. My email address is on the board at school or you can print out your submission and put it in the home learning folder this week.

Be sure to have a look at some of the great submissions on the Collaboreyes project website if you are in need of inspiration.

Here's to a great second week @ TIS

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