Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Our first Global Project - Collaboreyes

Our syndicate's first home learning task was to submit an entry for the Collaboreyes project. This is a global project where children from around the world take pictures of themselves wearing sunglasses in places that are significant to them. I couldn't pick one as there are so many awesome pictures and accompanying stories. I learned so much not just about Tawa and Wellington but also so much about the students who submitted stories to this project. I've included all your descriptions over on our flickr set.

But here's a slideshow of some of the stars of the First Fifteen.


Fantastic work class.

How did you feel taking part in a global project. Do you have any favourite pictures?


  1. Hello Room 15,

    The Collaboreyes Project is a wonderful way of sharing favourite places. Having been to New Zealand and Wellington a number of times, the Cable Car was very familiar. One photo showed a Girl Guide hall. Having been a Scout, this also had meaning to me. :)

    In my life there has been so many special places. It would be hard to choose. If I only considered my favourites when I have been in Australia, it would probably be on top of Mt Tarawera, in the Tongariro National Park or around Rotorua as I love the geology of volcanic areas.

    Enjoy the global project. This is a great start. :)

    Teacher, NSW, Australia

  2. Dear Room 15
    'Collaboreyes' - a great name for a fun-looking project. I enjoyed all the creative poses you found to be photographed in!
    The photographs emphasised for me the feeling that I need to re-visit Wellington soon (I went to teachers College there years ago).

    It's exciting to see your new blog emerging as a fun place to visit.
    I wonder which posts have you enjoyed the most?

    best wishes
    Mrs McKenzie from B4

  3. Hi Room 15
    I am so proud of your contributions to Collaboreye - they are creative, show off our beautiful city, give an insight into your special places and enable you to participate as global citizens which is what you all are.

    I have only lived in Wellington for five years and it is a really special place. Thank you for all your extraordinary work.

    Mrs Stuart

    1. Hi Mrs Stuart
      Thank you for your comment. We really appreciate it. Wellington really is a special place for all of us. What is your favourite place in Wellington?

      Room 15

  4. Hi room 15,

    I like the pictures you have taken, they're all very special, and different to each other. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Stephen
      I like that you have used a greeting and responded positively to the post. What do you think you could do to keep the conversation going in the comments section?


  5. Hi Mrs Mckenzie,
    Thank you for your comment. We really appreciate the acknowledgment. We all love Wellington and found this was the best way to show off our beautiful city.We enjoy all the posts.
    We hope to hear from you again soon and to hear what you're up to.

    Sincerely, Room 15. :)

    1. Hi Room 15 Commentator
      I like that you have used a greeting and responded positively to Mrs McKenzie and B4 and made a link back to the original post. I also like that you encouraged Mrs McKenzie and B4 to visit again.
      Please remember to leave your name in the greeting when responding by yourself so I know which star of the first fifteen to thank.


  6. Hi Ross. I agree, the collabereyes project is quite cool. Looking at other peoples collabereyes is really interesting. Those places sound really cool and beautiful. Thank you for your kind words. Where's your favourite place in New Zealand

    1. Hi Room 15 commentator
      I like that you have used a greeting and have made a positive response to the comment. I also like that you used a question to keep the conversation going. Please try to remember to leave your first name somewhere in the response so we know which star of the first fifteen is replying.



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