Thursday, 2 February 2012

Sports Committee wants YOU!

Pssst Room 15!

Ms Goldfinch has just emailed me asking for our class's nominations for sports committee. We have two slots up for grabs and I'm sure there are bound to be some stand-out students to select for a spot on the committee.

For those not in the know, sports committee members help organize and run our inter-class competition here at Tawa Intermediate.

Our nominees will need to have a bit of mana with other students and they also need to have a sound basic knowledge of sport. You don't have to be Dan Carter to put your name forward, but you do need to be a capable sports person.


Let me know in person or via email fast. I need to make a decision about our class before the end of school on Tuesday.

I'll be talking with Mr Rickard, who takes our class for PE, to help make the decision of who to select to put forward for this exciting opportunity.

The selection trials will take place in the normal sports committee slot on Wednesday (11.35 in the hall). We should have at least one successful nominee from our class.

(Image by @dino used under Creative Commons licence)


  1. brad and fraser would be good for our class

    1. Hi Lachlan
      Thanks for being the first student commenter on Room 15's blog! I wonder if you could perhaps talk about what qualities you think would Brad and Fraser have that would make them good nominees for sports committee from our class. Or perhaps give an example of when Brad and Fraser have done something that shows they can lead at sports.

      See you tomorrow.

  2. Awesome as blog. We definitly need more like this round here. We defintly have, for want of a better cliche, a bloody brilliant class! We're gonna be knock-out in the inter-class sports.... Hopefully. :). Oh yeah, Happy Valentines Day!

  3. hello this is sallyann!this is so cool!YAY!i got 7.1 in the beep test!ive got lots of new friends but i still miss my old friends at Adventure School though!talk to u guys soon!


  4. the mighty Pouakai video was awesome.


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