Thursday, 9 February 2012

Choosing our student councilors

Hi Room 15
Mr Skipworth emailed me asking Room 15 to choose our nominees for student council. Student council helps keep TIS running smoothly and makes your voices as students are heard at school.

Student council is a great place to show off your great communication skills. You need to get the buzz from room 15 students about important issues and represent those to student council. So you need to be a great listener and speaker.

Being on student council means helping making events at TIS happen so you need to be organized.

We want someone to represent our class well so the person should be some we can rely on to show up to meetings and we should trust that they will always do the right thing for the students of our class and TIS.

Think you might be our class's next John Key or Helen Clark?

Put your name forward for election. We need two nominees, a main and a back-up.

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