Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Cliques - the documentary

Earlier this year our class went to see a documentary called I Am Eleven which followed the story of 11 year olds in different countries across the globe.

After skyping with the director of the movie, Genevieve Baileyour students made a documentary focusing in on our own stories.

Here is one of the documentaries it's about cliques in schools.

Do you have any cliques in your school?

Why do you think cliques form?

Have you ever challenged yourself to become friends with people you would not normally hang out with?


  1. Hi Room 15,
    I really enjoyed that! What a fantastic experiment. I appreciated your honesty and your open-mindedness about spending the day with someone you wouldn't normally choose to.

    Your conclusion was really strong. It is interesting how we can't always predict whether two people will "click", regardless of their similarities and differences. But I guess the important thing is that we tolerate and treat each other with respect even if we chose not to hang out.

    I have a technical question for you. Do you use storyboards when you create your imovies? We haven't with non-fiction/ documentaries but this was very well-crafted so I wondered if you had any tips for 8C?

    Mrs C-M, 8C at Selwyn House

  2. Hi 8c
    Planning wise we choose are topic, story board it and script before we start filming planning is the important part. Something our teacher always is keep it simple and succeed. Good luck with your movies
    From Giorgione tawa int room 15

    1. Thanks Giorgione! Stephanie tells me you and Sally-ann hang out now. Great! the experiment was a success!

      Mrs C-M

  3. Hi Room 15,

    That was a really interesting video and I love how you put that together.
    Well done.

    Sarah Be, 8C

  4. Hi Room 15,

    I really enjoyed watching that video. It's amazing how some people 'click' and others don't. I once tried to hang out with someone other than my best friend but I didn't 'click' with her that much. She was nice though.

    After doing this, did any of the pairs hang out more often or did they go back to their other friends?

    Sarah Br, 8C

  5. Hello Room 15

    I really enjoyed this video and it was very interesting to see what its like to be paired up with someone that you normally wouldn't go with. Did you still hang out with the person you were paired with?

    Mac, 8C

  6. Hi Room 15,
    I liked how everyone was honest and I think this is what made the video interesting!
    I also think the cliques form by being with the people who are comfortable and fun to hangout with.

    Chelsea, 8C

  7. Hi Room 15,

    I enjoyed this video. And this is very interesting to watch.

    How did it feel like hanging out with an other person?

    Moeka 8C

  8. Hello room fifteen i just wached your video and think that this is great and would like for you to keep your great work up
    kalya room five


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