Friday, 22 November 2013

Finishing the race

I love this story - sometimes showing up is more important than coming first. How have you 'finished the race' this week? What do you think is more important participating or coming first? Why?


  1. Hi Room 15....we loved your video clip and we agree that finishing the race is the most important thing someone can learn while they're in school.

    We had lots of experience with this recently. Our teacher gave us an Engineering Challenge. You know those Instant Ice crush them and suddenly they turn really cold. They're good for sprained ankles. Well, our teacher challenged us to figure out the chemical formula that makes the bag get cold. We had to test 5 different chemicals and then figure out what was the perfect mix of chemicals and water. And then we had to make a way to keep the water away from the chemicals...until you crush it. Boy it was hard...because nothing seemed to work. Then finally things begain to work and it wasn't so hard.

    Come and read about our school and keep posting your stories on #comments4kids. You can find our blog at and we'd love to hear what you think about one of our stories.

  2. Hi Room 15,

    I agree finishing the race is more important than winning the race. For camp this year we went on the Otago Rail Trail. I found Wednesday was the hardest day because it was all uphill but I had to keep telling myself that there was no turning back and it was better to arrive last than have to hop in the van and watch all the other bikers complete the day. In the end I completed the day.

    Charlotte, 8C Selwyn House


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