Friday, 1 November 2013

The importance of lollypop moments

I really love our tradition of Lollypop moments. It's important to take time to show gratitude for those small things that we all do to make our lives a bit better.

What effect do you think lollypop moments have on our class?

What effect do you think lollypop moments have on you?

Do you acknowledge others good deeds when there are not lollypops?  What might be the effect of showing you are grateful on others?


  1. Rosalie and Teah1 November 2013 at 11:56

    Hi Miss Thompson

    we think that the effect on having lollipop moment is really good because if someone does something nice then It's really good cause then they feel good about them self.
    We think that lollipop moments are cool.
    Umm yes we do.
    We are very Grateful for other people who get lollipop moments.

    Thanks From Rosalie and Teah

  2. Hi Stephanie
    Friendship and looking after one another and people you dont really know.
    looking after my friends.
    Yes by helping my friends when they are hirt or standing up for my friends

  3. Hi Stephanie
    We think people just use them as excuses to get some food and people ask there friends for them instead of doing something nice.
    It makes us want to do more nice stuff so we can get a lollypop.
    We do acknowledge good deeds when there are no lollypops, and people want to do more nice things if others are grateful to them.

    From Helen, Grace and Elizabeth

  4. Quintin&Joshua A1 November 2013 at 12:10

    I don't really think they have an effect on our class I don't know why.

    they really don't have an effect on me because i never really get one :(

    I have done some stuff and have turned down lollipops WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!!!?

  5. Hi Stephanie,

    I think it's good that we do lolly pop moments because people can feel good about them self. I think lolly pop moments a good. I think people getting a lolly pop is good because they will feel great.


  6. Ram Nate and Ethan1 November 2013 at 12:11

    Hey Stephanie

    What effect do you think lollipop moments have on our class!?
    We think that lollypop moments make the class more friends than just a class

    What effect do you think lollipop moments have on you!?
    We think that lollipop moments make you feel like that you
    got noticed for something good.

    Do you acknowledge other people's good deeds when there are no lollipops?
    Yes we do acknowledge other people's lollipop moments when there are no lollies. All we do to acknowledge people's good deeds are pointing them out and sometimes returning the favour.
    Cause your help could be a big impact on their life,you could get something out of it and they could help you in the future like in the video.
    -Ram Nate and Ethan


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