Sunday, 17 November 2013

Tom makes the case for 3D printers

Tom is trying to get his Dad to buy him a 3D printer. Perhaps if Mr Henderson learns more about them, maybe we could get one for the school!


  1. Hi Tom,

    At our school the I.C.T Leaders organised a lesson for the teachers on Tinkercad. We had a lady come in who works with a 3D printer. We did a blog post about the workshop. Here is the link:

    I really enjoy using Tinkercad because I can download my creations so I can use it in Minecraft or download it for 3D printing!

    Charlotte, 8C Selwyn House School

  2. Wow Tom,

    Those are so cool! No wonder you want one! I hope your dad figures out how much you're really missing out on!

    Juliette, 8C

  3. Hi Tom,

    We had a lady coming to our Tinkercad lesson at our school and she show us 3D things. That was very cool!

    We created Key rings and the lady will print it out from the 3D printer soon. I'm excited about that!

    Moeka 8C Selwyn House School


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