Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Giorgi rocks PechaKucha!

During speeches our students were given the opportunity to have a go at presenting in PechaKucha. Japanese for chit chat, PechaKucha has a strict format of slides on auto timer. It's an incredibly hard format to master because the pictures are telling a story with the words. If you speak too fast, you out of sync and have to stop. Too are slow, then you will get behind.

Giorgi had a great speech and spoke confidently. She spoke on a topic she felt passionate about and she tried something new.

Way to go Giorgi!


  1. Hi Giorgi - You have used the PechaKucha format really well! I know how hard it is to do. I like your calm presentation style - were you nervous? If you were you didn't show it. Thanks for sharing your speech!

    1. Hello Tara
      Thank you for your words. And yes I was freaking out but I just took a deep breath before I started and went for it - Giorgi tawa int room 15

  2. Nice Pecha Kucha- it sounded like you picked an interesting person to tell us about- someone with brains and talent.

    Thank you for sharing her story.

    1. Hi Allana
      Yes she is a very well rounded person smart talented and beautiful
      Thanks for the comment
      - Giorgi room 15 tawa int


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