Friday, 8 November 2013

The power of noticing

There's some fascinating science behind the power of memory. Do you know that we actually remember far less than we think we do?

 Part of lollypop moments is taking the time to notice little things we do all to make life better. For example someone picking up rubbish or taking the time reunite a jersey

What have you taken the time to notice this week?

How have you been mindful?

Make a plan to notice something small next week? What will you do how will you notice? What do you plan to do as a result of this action?


  1. Hi Stephanie
    We are going to notice people doing random acts of kindness and start doing random acts too.

    Helen and Michelle

  2. Dear Stephanie,
    We noticed all the kind deeds all the people are doing for each other. We have been mindful because we don't see nice deeds that strangers do for each other. We are going to try to notice the small things that happen around the school. To notice people doing nice things for each other we'll try to do nice things ourselves. We plan to make people do more nice things for each other with this action.

    -Ram and Ethan

  3. Hi stephanie
    I am going to notice rubbish on the ground and i will pick it up

  4. Hi Stephanie
    I have notice lots of people picking up rubbish around the school.
    I have been mindful by helping picking up rubbish.
    Next week when I see a someone walking past a rubbish I will tell them to pick it up.

  5. Amara,Giorgione and Corban8 November 2013 at 12:15

    Hey Stephanie,
    We have noticed nothing sorry.

    No we haven't and we don't know?

    Our plan is to notice people trying hard in P.E
    From Corban, Amara and Giorgione

  6. Hi Stephanie
    I've noticed a lot of things today like rubbish around the school because people just litter. I've been mindful by picking up rubbish around the school and picking up other peoples jersey. Next week if anybody litters or walk past a piece of rubbish i will tell them to pick it up.

  7. Hi Stephanie
    I am going to be kind and help peole if they fall over and take peoples trolleys for them.I will also get the paper for my mum.

  8. sallyann and zoe8 November 2013 at 12:17

    hey Miss Thompson,

    we noticed all kinds of good things people in our class have been doing for each other.we are going to try and notice people, that we don't know, doing good deeds, and we are going to being nice to people we dont like.

    Sally-Ann and Zoe

  9. Yo Steph

    I have seen so many people doing good things to each other that i can not remember anything

  10. Hi Stephanie
    We noticed all the kind things that people have like opening doors for other people and people helping others by helping them with there work. We have looked at people doing good stuff i hoping that people do good things for people

  11. there is less rubbish at school than last time huge improvement

    I having been helpful yet dun dun dun.

  12. Hi Room 15,

    That video is so cool. It was quite interesting because I counted 16 passes, saw the girl go, the gorilla come and the curtain change colour.

    Charlotte 8C Selwyn House


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