Monday, 6 August 2012

Amesbury Visit

Jade and Stephen checking out the storage at Amesbury
Today the student submitters went to Amesbury  School to see modern learning in action.

We saw some cool furniture and technology to enhance their learning in a fun environment.  Amesbury had some really cool leather seats and tables that the children can choose to use or they can sit on the floor. They have choices to sit where ever they want.

We liked that the students can make their own schedule but there are also requirements to do like one reading one writing and one maths so kids and teachers are on track. Students also had I-time for independent learning.

We would like to thank Tara for showing us around the school and our principal, Mrs Stuart, for taking us there.

Stephen, Jade, Lachy, Helen & Giorgione


  1. You are so welcome. It was awesome chatting with you and your ideas around 21st Century learning. I loved your take on teaching teachers! I wish you all the very best for the presentation next Wednesday. Good luck getting through the metal detecter ;)

    Tara TJ

  2. Kia ora koutou

    I really enjoyed meeting you and talking with you. All the best for your submission. 21st C learning is an issue that is of great importance for education in our country. Speak confidently and strongly for the children of NZ.

    Lesley Murrihy

  3. I was very proud to go with you to Amesbury. I was impressed with the questions that you asked and the observations that you made. You were amazing ambassadors for our school.


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