Thursday, 9 August 2012

Point England Skype visit

Students submitters
Today our student submitters Giorgione, Jade, Helen, Stephen and Lachlan had a skype visit with Room 21 from Point England school. Point England school is pretty amazing because each student from year 5 up has their own netbook.

We asked Room 21 questions about their use of netbooks.  Room 21 told us that they use netbooks for their writing, making movies and maths games. 

Their parents pay fifteen dollars a mouth for three years and then the students have their netbook for life.

I really like the idea each kid having a netbook. Netbooks can make learning easier and help us use technology in the classroom.

Thanks to Room 21 and Miss Lagitupu for helping us with our submission.


  1. Hi Room 15

    Thank you for your Skype visit with our class this morning. That was a very interesting and enjoyable experience. Your students asked many thoughtful questions about how we use netbooks for our learning. Well done!

    Mrs Lagitupu
    (Room 21)
    Pt England School

    1. Hi Mrs Lagitupu
      Thank you so much to you and Room 21 for helping us with our submission. I know that the conversation has helped us with our submission. We will keep you posted on our progress!


  2. Kia Ora Rm 15

    I am so glad your skype to Pt England School went well. Mrs Lagitupu is a very dear friend of mine and I see from her comment aboce that she thinks very highly of your select committee team. I look forward to the continued updates about your preparation for the BIG meeting. I am very proud of you all and your fabulous teacher Stephanie.
    Ms T x

    1. Hi Ms T
      Thanks for giving me Mrs Lagitupu's contact. I think that this conversation will help our students to rock the parliamentary house come next Wednesday!


  3. G'day Room 15, it is wonderful to be in touch with your Blog. We will be following it with interest.
    Congratulations to the student submitters and have an enjoyable day for the submissions.
    Well done
    Brian and B, Jade's uncle & aunt in Australia. Also known as 'Granite chook'

    1. Hi Granite Chook
      It's great to see family members from overseas commenting on our blog. I know Jade is very proud and excited to be going to parliament on Wednesday.


  4. Kia ora Room 15,
    Great preparation for your submission, well done. I am sure you have some strong and valid messages to share.
    Kia kaha


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