Wednesday, 15 August 2012

An awesome day for Room 15

Students having their picture taken out front by Dominion Post.
It was a busy day for Room 15 student submitters Jade, Stephen, Lachlan, Helen and their documentary/PR person Giorgione. MPs, reporters and even an ambulance were all part of our exciting day.
Students being interviews by print media.

We were a little nervous leaving Linden as the train was already a little late. At Tawa one of the passengers on the train was having heart problems. We had to wait for a long time for the ambulance to come and wondered if we might be late.
Lachlan being interviewed by TV3

When we arrived at parliament, there were some reporters from the Dominion Post and Kapai Mana news there to talk about our submission. The students were full of nervous excitement but they waited patiently to have their turn.

Our four submitters in front of the committee.
The room slowly filled up with media and finally the four brave students got up to speak in front of the MPs. All the preparation paid off and the students spoke loudly and clearly about each of their topics. The MPs had lots of questions for the students which and they answered superbly.
Jade, Giorgione and Helen having a break.

After the students finished they had a lot of interviews with different media. It was pretty cool to talk about all the cool stuff Room 15 does online.

In the afternoon Kris Faafoi, our local MP, took us to take a look around parliament before we headed off to lunch at (ssssh!) McDonald's (sssh!) and then back to school .

The submitters should be proud of themselves and Room 15 you should be proud of your representatives.

A big thank you to Lachlan's parents as well as Jade's brother and sister for coming along to support the submitters. Also a huge thank you to the MPs for listening to us and asking such a great

What a great way to finally finish our topic of citizenship.

Kris Faafoi showing Mrs Stuart and the submitters some of the sights at parliament.


  1. Congratulations to you all for an important job done.

    Way to go using reading and writing in real life!

  2. Guys you were awesome!
    You presented your ideas clearly and made your voice heard. Always remember that even one person can make a difference.


    1. Hey Chris thank you for the support in our submission.
      Hope your submission went well.

      From Jade,Giorgione,Stephen,Lachlan,Helen


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