Friday, 3 August 2012

Arohatia Te Reo - Our submission for Maori Language Week

Tawa Intermediate held its first ever Arohatita Te Reo competition. The brief was to design a learning resource for others to learn Te Reo or about the Maori language.

We thought carefully about what some learning needs are around the school.

At our assembly last week we noticed that while many students didn't know the colors in Te Reo so Stephen, Lachlan, Shavee and Ethan helped produce a song based on from the lyrics to Ma is White.

There were some pretty cool entries from Sammiiee and Helen who made a Te Reo mobile and Giorgione, Nikita, Brit, Sarah and Jade who made signs for all the classes at Tawa Intermediate in Te Reo.

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  1. Kia ora Rm 15
    Thanks for sharing your take on 'Ma is White'. I thought your tune was catchy with a good beat and I think my young students will enjoy trying it out, and it will certainly help them practice saying their colours.

    Kia kaha
    Mrs McKenzie from B4


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