Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Barcamp - unconference

We had

Mythical creatures drawing group
Rugby kicking

What did you learn from BarCamp? What did you teach others from BarCamp?

I learned how to build a house in the mindcraft group and then how to shoot a basketball correctly from Ram.

Here are some important questions to answer:

What are some improvements we could make to the experience?

How can we document our learning?

How can we measure our progress?


  1. Hi Miss thompson

    The bar camp sounds fun and awesome.
    I think we should we move it to fridays or thursdays. Beacause Im not here on the day they did it.This sounds really fun:)

    From Teah

  2. I learnt to be an actor in Giorgione's movie. I reckon we could be more organized to make the experience better. I think we should put it on the class blog. We could compare the first barcamp to the final one we do.

    By Sarah,Brad and Ethan.

  3. Hi Stephanie

    Some improvements we could make are that more people can teach things so that we have a wider variety of choice.
    We can document it by filming each week.
    Have a reflection at the end or film it.

    Are we allowed to do different classes each week?

  4. Hi Stephanie

    An imprvmement is to have it on friday so the peope who are at accadmeys can join in.
    We can document our learning by making videos and taking photos.
    We can measure our progress by tracking our learning and see what else we can do to improve our progress.

    from courtney,nikita and ram

  5. Hi Stephanie,

    Maybe we cold get more activities and more mentors like 2 per subject. We could document and measure our learning by taking a video of each student.

    Jade, Hayley, Stephen


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