Monday, 6 August 2012

Our Olympic Interviews

Last week I spotted an awesome idea for an Olympic-themed blog assignment from 4KM and 4KJ  over in Geelong in Australia, interviewing famous Olympic athletes. While 4KM and 4KJ had an Australian theme some of our class decided to research other famous Olympians.

 Can you please post your interview to your individual blog. If you need help you can talk to Lachlan or Giorgione.

As a bit of feed forward some of the camera people need to stand a bit closer to their subjects (the people they are shooting) and also be careful not to shoot your films anywhere where there is a lot of wind blowing (easier said than done) as you can't hear some of the interviews.

Ram and Shavee

Sammiiee, Sarah and Sally-Ann

Brad and Fraser

Josh and Jono

Logan and Nikki

Michelle and Lele

Brit and Giorgione

Nick and Michael

Helen and Elizabeth

Stephen and Lachlan

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  1. Dear First 15

    I think your blog is amazing! It is eye catching and it has fabulous posts'!

    In room 24 we are doing Olympic Interveiws, we also got the idea of 4km and 4kj. We have stared some of the interveiws and its off too a great start!

    Have fun interveiwing!

    Your blogging buddy,



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