Monday, 24 June 2013

A quiz about Tawa Intermediate

Our Quadblogging blogging buddy Room 5 has put together a Tawa Intermediate quiz. Go over and take a go at the quiz and give some feedback on the quiz. 


  1. Thanks espically to Helen and Giorgiaoni who pointed out that the question about the Swimming Pool is wrong! Nathan who created the quiz and Levi (who was responsible for question about the pool) are going to change the original question so its correct, although over fifty people have taken the quiz and then the answer is wrong.
    Thanks so much for letting us know so quickly, if only the power cut hadn't happened on Friday we could have had it corrected sooner.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Nathan and Levi. Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato,
    PS We've had a big discussion about the canteen tuck shop and whether or not you can order you lunches at your school!

  2. Right update from Nathan. We've edited one of the questions, the one about the Swimming Pool, it now reads correct. The second question is about the Lunches - the Question is going to Read What Days can you order Subway at Tawa Intermediate School. We're going to have four multi choice answers including the right one.


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